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What locations do you provide aerial photographic services?

Flyoverhere.com is based in Michigan and services all of North America.

What equipment do you use for aerial photography?

We use professional grade high resolution cameras and lenses. Our flight equipment is not toys bought at your local retail store. We use very high quality professionally built quadcopters and hexacopters with built in redundant backup systems for improved safety.

Is this really free?

Flyoverhere.com’s claim to fame is our risk free photo shoots. This means once you register your site for a photo shoot, you will have a flight crew arrive at your site and a basic aerial photo shoot will occur. Once the photos are ready for viewing you will receive an email linking you to your photos for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to download or have prints, canvas’s, framed prints, mounted prints, cards, etc of your images, you may order them hassle free for a competitive price on flyoverhere.com. However there is no commitment to order anything.

How long does it take for my photo shoot to happen after I register?

This varies greatly depending on season, flyable weather, demand, and Service requested. With a free photo shoot request it may take up to 60 days to finish your photo shoot. This is because we must get enough flights in your area before we can warrant our expenses of providing a free service. However if you choose to have a Custom Aerial shoot done, You can pay for the flight up front and we can finish your request much quicker usually within 2 weeks or sooner(weather pending).

How long does it take for my photos to be come ready for viewing on flyoverhere.com?

With a Free photo shoot, up to 60 days. With a Custom Photo Shoot, within days.

Is there anywhere that you cannot fly?

Not really, with drone technology we can fly in most difficult and tight places. That being said if you live very close to an airport we may need to take a closer look at your site to determine if we can fly it.

Do I have to be home when the aerial photo shoot is happening?

We definitely would prefer that you were, but because sometimes it’s hard to get the perfect weather and availability, we may have to complete it even if you are not home especially with the free photo shoot.

Can you provide Aerial Video services as well?

Absolutely! Whether it’s for a wedding or a major Hollywood production, we got you covered.

Is the drone loud when flying around for the photoshoot?

About as loud as an idling car, and if We are flying a little higher or Your inside, You probably won’t even hear it at all.

If I need Aerial photographic services sooner than my free photo shoot date can I upgrade to a faster service?

Yes! Just let us know and we can arrange the photo shoot to any of your needs.

How much experience does the crew at flyover have doing aerial photography?

We have both commercial pilots and experienced RC pilots with a combined experience of 40 years.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a photoshoot?

Yes, some may want to clean up their yard of the kids toys, cut the lawn, rake the leaves, pull cars into the garage, things like that.

How will I know when my photo shoot will happen?

With a Free Aerial photo Shoot you will receive a window of time usually a week or month that is will happen within. With a custom photo shoot You choose what time it will happen.

I registered for a free Photo Shoot but I still have no information on when it will happen.

With our high demand Free photo Shoots We have a lot of information to process so it usually takes up to 72 hours. If it’s been more than 72 hours please contact us at support@flyoverhere.com

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